My Take On A Modern Chalkboard

My Take On A Modern Chalkboard

Sometimes I drive Tim crazy……. You see, I do this thing.  It’s this thing where I’ll create or makeover something and really like it. But then, a year later I want to redo it, because I like change.  And often I become fixated on that thing I want to revamp. So instead of working on something that should be a much higher priority, I just have to get my hands on that other thing that I keep staring at.  Case in point- the dining room art panels.

We built these hidden shelves/doors/art panels back a when things looked a lot different around here. These build outs became a priority because we were in dire need of storage. You can read more about how we used a photoshoot backdrop to create the final look here and here!



Fast forward a couple of years and I was ready for something different.  I can’t tell you how many ideas I went through in my head. With the way I like to change things, chalkboard panels seemed like a good solution. However, I just felt like I wanted something a little more modern and sleek to sit behind the gorgeous new chandelier that I created for the space (more on that in the coming weeks).  I also thought the black of a chalkboard would create a beautiful contrast with the gold frames, the green couch, and gorgeous wood table sitting in front of it……..but the matte finish would really not help with the darkness of the space ( which sits underneath our loft).  At this point it seemed like a chalkboard was off the table, but I just couldn’t shake my desire for that look and the ability to customize any time I got the itch. Then, I had an idea……

I would create a modern “chalk”board.  One that was super sleek and chic! How would I do it?  With black acrylic sheets and chalk markers!



Here’s what it ended up looking like…….


I’ve really been loving the use of typography in design lately and I decided for the first look, I wanted to write out the lyrics to a favorite song.  I kept the words orderly and evenly spaced.  (This was also a perfect backdrop when we celebrated Abbe’s upcoming marriage at the bachelorette party I hosted).



I love that the acrylic has a reflective quality that helps keep the space from feeling to dark.





And that’s part of the new look in the dining room! Do you like my modern take on the ever popular chalkboard?!

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  1. Jenny

    I was wondering where you got the supplies for the black acrylic sheets? I would love to build these.
    Thanks for sharing!

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