Architectural Dining Room Redo

Architectural Dining Room Redo

Hey there!  Happy Monday!  Last week I was able to finish up two rooms for some clients of mine.  Their dining room and parlor bathroom.  I was very pleased to have the projects wrap up right before the holidays so that the family could use the spaces during this season when they are sure to be celebrating with family and friends!

Today, we will take a look at the dining room.  Here is the before….



As you can see from the photo, there is not much happening in this space. Beige walls, a dark dining set, and a pretty crystal chandelier.  The space was definitely lacking the personality of the stylish and trend setting family who lives there.  Jen is a fashionista (I seriously envied all her chic clothes and shoes every time I went over there) and her room needed to reflect her cool, effortless style.  Oh, and don’t think for one second that the hubby in this situation was just a mute bystander.  No, Shawn is on top of all the trends as well and he had valuable thoughts to add to the design conversation! 🙂

As we talked through different options and desires, it was decided that the table needed to stay, but the chandelier could be moved to a different room. Although beautiful, the crystal did not fit the look we decided on for the room.

You know how people will say that a room has “good bones?”  That can mean the space is structurally in tact, but it can also refer to a space that has great architectural moments that just need to be dressed up a bit.   This room already had two great things going for it- a tall, vaulted ceiling & a chair rail.  However, neither one of these features were highlighted.

To amplify and draw attention to these great qualities, I had beams added, a dramatic chandelier hung, and wainscoting installed below the chair rail.  Painting the top of the wall a dark gray and the bottom half white also further enhanced the elegance factor in this space. Read more about those projects in this post.


The next thing to set the space apart was the watercolor art that I created.  These panels were meant to draw attention and be the focal point in the room.  To keep things cohesive, I framed them out with the same molding used on the wainscoting.  Keeping these panels big and bold allowed me to create a simple, yet stunning statement.


The table got a makeover of it’s own and went from dark and heavy to something quite different….



I wanted the table to take on a more modern vibe, so I decided to have to top painted a bright white, while the base of the table received a beautiful brass wash.  I love that the brass brings out the detailing so much more.  The new glamorous, yet sophisticated look is exactly what I was hoping to achieve.

We got rid of the former chairs and replaced them with a chair that has a classic shape, but a contemporary and colorful finish.  The rich, blue velvet and shiny, white lacquer….LOVE!!!



On the wall across from the window, I hung an antiqued mirror. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with those. They work in almost any space!



And a final before and after…





So, there you have it, an elegant and chic dining room ready for Holiday meals!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Michelle M

    What a rich Lux look! Modern yet timeless. This could almost have been in a House Beautiful from 40 years ago too.

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