Wall Art has my Heart!

Wall Art has my Heart!

As you can probably tell from seeing most of my work, you know that I am in love with wall art. It’s a pretty magical thing in my book. In most of the rooms that I design, I always strive to create a handmade “wow-factor.” Tim and I love to combine modern technology to create unique spaces that are specific to you!

wall art_ KPD_Tulsa

wall art kpd wall

There are so many options when it comes to your walls! They can be as dramatic or as settle as you want.

elsie wall

kpd wall art

You can even find items around your home to create out-of-the-ordinary with affordability, wall art.

wall artttt

kpd_wall art_fishscale

kpd_wall art2

OH! And don’t forget, you can always use your empty wall space to display your special keepsakes on a DIY shelf.

kpd_wall art 3

kpd_wall art 4


Til tomorrow, folks! 🙂

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