Kitchen Update Y’all

Kitchen Update Y’all

Oh my goodness, how long has it been since I updated you on the progress of my house!?!?  Probably since the last time we actually did anything with it………months ago!!! :/  But I am happy to report that we finally have some movement in our own home!

Although the kitchen seems like a pretty important room, one thats function would be vital to a healthy and happy life….we’ve lived without one for 2 years.  We’ve made due with a refrigerator and microwave.  This may seem like a major issue for some families, but cooking is far from important to this couple.  Nevertheless, 2 years is far too long to be without things like a sink, dishwasher, and stove top!

Let’s start from the beginning though!  When we first moved into the space, it was one big open room…


First we did a little demo and revealed the brick….




Then we set up a make shift “kitchen” which was mostly important because the coffee maker had to go somewhere! Please ignore the mess! :/


The area stayed like this while we worked on other things until we finally took on the task of building a step up so that we could:

1. Install plumbing underneath for the sink and

2. Create visual interest by creating another level.



Next was building the wood and steel wall to separate the kitchen from the entry area….


Some time after that we finally got around to laying our typography map flooring….



And now we are finally to the point that we’ve got cabinets against the wall (although their look will change completely by the time we are done with them) AND our island built!!!!!  This thing is giant!!





See those cut outs on surface?  Well, one is for our sink and the other is for our induction cook top (see below)!


Can you imagine what material we used for our countertop!? I’ll give you one guess…..

Now, all these pictures were before we installed our INCREDIBLE sink.  I’m waiting to reveal that and more info about the countertop, because they really need posts all their own. That’s coming soon!!! Stay tuned friends!!!!

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  1. Haley

    It looks like your kitchen is shaping up nicely! I’m still completely in love with that topography flooring. If you don’t use Ardex for your kitchen counter tops, I’m going to be shocked.

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