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Hi Friends!! We are SO excited to announce that the Kara Paslay Design Blog is getting a whole NEW facelift by the NEW Year!!!! Please keep checking in as we will be counting down the days to our BIG relaunch, and posting current projects on FacebookInstagram & Pinterest!

Thank you so much for liking, sharing and loving our feed. We are so excited to share this joy with you!!

Stay tuned ;)

-KPD team


HGTV Fresh Faces of Design Awards!


Hi Friends!!

I am so incredibly honored to be a nominee for the 2014 HGTV Fresh Faces of Design Awards! Please take a couple seconds each day (until Dec. 11th) to cast your vote HERE!!

Thank you so much, I’m so excited for this opportunity. I could not have done it without you!

XO – Kara



Wall Art has my Heart!

As you can probably tell from seeing most of my work, you know that I am in love with wall art. It’s a pretty magical thing in my book. In most of the rooms that I design, I always strive to create a handmade “wow-factor.” Tim and I love to combine modern technology to create unique spaces that are specific to you!

wall art_ KPD_Tulsa

wall art kpd wall

There are so many options when it comes to your walls! They can be as dramatic or as settle as you want.

elsie wall

kpd wall art

You can even find items around your home to create out-of-the-ordinary with affordability, wall art.

wall artttt

kpd_wall art_fishscale

kpd_wall art2

OH! And don’t forget, you can always use your empty wall space to display your special keepsakes on a DIY shelf.

kpd_wall art 3

kpd_wall art 4


Til tomorrow, folks! :)

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Nightstands; Styled

Do you ever feel like you get the slug bug when it comes to your home? You know, those moments where you look around your home and you just aren’t quite satisfied. Those moments where you know you need a little change?

Well, have no fear. We’ve all been there! And I have a nice and easy, yet affordable solution. STYLE YOUR NIGHTSTANDS! Don’t freak out. It’s simple, and often just takes a little organizing more than anything. If you are like me, everything defaults to your nightstand; the piles of books, papers that you’ve tried to finish before falling asleep, or even just the random chap sticks, lotion, pictures, candles etc. etc.

Here are several quick glimpses of things I have done around people’s homes to make them, well, more homey. Simple fixes like this really are a breath of fresh air. Take a look!

5164538015_0784087ee5_z 5165143112_79c983f7ed_z 5366936233_2761a2dde1_z



Sigh… see what I mean? You can breathe better now, and sleep deeper. Give it a try and send me links to your pictures when you do!

Happy Monday! :)


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Also known by it’s more serious & scientific term, the Ficus lyrata! We all know the trend of using these sculptural plants has been going on for a while now, and we all know that we want to see 1… or 27 of them in our own homes. They show up in these beautiful, well-styled pictures; they are the perfect finishing touch to bring life into a space! With very little care needed to grow and thrive- the fiddle leaf fig is a little miracle for this black thumb designer.

You know what I’m talking about, right?







I know, I know. I told you! Do you have any of these beauties in your home? You should!


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