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The Story Behind Our Kitchen Floor

Hey Friends!  Today I am so excited! Tim (and I, but really Tim) finished the kitchen floor! It’s so beautiful and even better than that- this floor has a meaningful story behind it!

We went through all sorts of ideas for this kitchen floor.  We first decided it should be a step up because we needed to run plumbing and the step up would allow us to be a sink in the middle of an island (which is the next step in this space!).



After we built the step up and covered it in OSB, we started brainstorming what sort of material/look we wanted to go with.  I was pinning pictures similar to this…


Pic found here

It became quickly evident that I was going to want some sort of pattern on this floor.  With that realization Tim and I started throwing out different ideas, some of which included a 1 dimensional faceted kind of look, a repeating pentagon shape, and an agate type of look.  I was actually pretty smitten with the agate idea, but Tim was not on the bandwagon.  So, for a while we settled on the idea of the repeating pentagon.

Of course, we had lots of stuff going on and didn’t get right on the project- which gave us tons of time to second guess ourselves.  Although we thought the idea would be beautiful, it just wasn’t us.  It just wasn’t the meaningful design that we have vowed to make a priority for ourselves and for clients.

Then came this idea…..


Map found here

We’ve both loved topography maps for a while.  Their interesting and organic lines make them natural pieces of art.

So, it was decided.  Our floor would be a giant typo map and we would use our favorite cutting edge tool, the CNC to make it happen.  Now, what piece of land would we be highlighting?  Where we grew up, where we went to college, where we first kissed?  There were a lot of options.  We decided to go with the place where we first met- a friend’s house after a basketball game in high school.  I was a sweaty mess and Tim was his charming, life of the party self.  There was an immediate connection and a perfect part of our history to highlight on our new floor!  Lucky for us, this area of Fayetteville, AR is also wonderfully hilly and made for a great visual piece!

So, Tim created the computer files,

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 2.28.06 PM

the CNC cut the paths,


the pieces were laid,


the voids were filled (with our favorite concrete product- ARDEX),



the whole thing was sealed with poly,


and the floor was finally finished!




I love having this piece that references our sweet history in our home.  It’s been completed just in time to celebrate our 9 year wedding anniversary.  Sweet memories to be celebrated and treasured.

PS- I also love that this final look is very similar to the agate design I had in my head from the beginning.  (Insert evil laugh- muahahahaha!!!!)  ;)


Introducing Our New Kitchen Floor

Here’s a quick video introducing you to our brand new kitchen floor!  I L-O-V-E it!!!

Stay tuned for the full story on this floor in the next few days!


Old School Scoreboard Video

A video from our OLD SCHOOL SCOREBOARD project! A post with pics and more details coming soon!


A DIY Starry Night Ceiling

Kids’ rooms are some of my favorites to take on because of the freedom to embrace whimsy and really make a space feel magical.  In Mr. Jaxon’s baseball room, I wanted pieces placed throughout the room that would speak to his playful spirit.  When I was considering these special touches, I made sure not to forget the ceiling!  I wanted to make sure that when Jaxon was laying in bed, about to fall off to sleep, that he would have something to look at besides a blank white, boring ceiling!

This picture/project from Royal Design Studio Stencils inspired me!

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 11.19.10 AM

Of course, I thought what would look better than shiny gold stars to spur sweet dreams in Jaxon.  So, I used the combination of my starry night stencil and Modern Masters Olympic Gold to create a the look I was going for!


After a few hours of work, we had a ceiling worth staring at!




Pics of the entire finished room coming soon!  A big thanks to Modern Masters and Royal Design Studio Stencils for making the project not only possible, but super easy!

PS- you can pick up Modern Masters paint at your local Spectrum Paint!  Find a location here!


DIY Adorned Pillows

Hey friends! There are so many things you can do to a room to improve it in an inexpensive way. Today, I want to show you a glimpse of one project I took on in Jaxon’s room. Sometimes you can create pieces from scratch to put those charming details into a space, but you can also add things to existing items to make them brand new and unique!

For instance, I had these affordable plain pillows and I knew they needed a little something extra in order for this room to be adorably perfect.


I had an awesome old school basketball jersey that I’d been hanging onto for a while and I knew I wanted to incorporate that somehow. I also bought some red felt.


I gave the pillow perfecting task to my intern, Ashley, and she started cutting away, adding pieces here and there, and then attaching them with craft glue and hot glue. A little here, and a little there, and then…






What do you think?! Here is a before & after shot to see the total transformation :)


So much more personality!  I love them! Great job Ash!  I love that we were able to make plain pillows tie into this room made for a tiny, little lover of sports using an old jersey that I bought for next to nothing! Yay!

‘Til tomorrow friends!


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